Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Recommended Movies . . .

 Habibie & Ainun
This Movie is really awesome. This Movie is telling about B.J. Habibie & Hasri Ainun Habibie's love story. A lot of moment in this movie, which make me so proud with their true love story.
One sentence in this movie, "Dua Hati Satu Jiwa / Two Hearts One Soul". It have beautiful means and I believe with that sentence.

"Aku lahir untukmu..."
"I was born for you..."
"dan kamu lahir untukku..."
"and you was born for me..."
This movie is telling us about the friendship story and a little love story. I like this movie because the words in this dialogue have a nice characteristic and suggest me to proud with my country, Indonesia. This movie is showing us six person who will make unforgettable history for their life and for their friendship.

One sentence which will be my motivation is :

"Tempatkan mimpimu 5 cm di 'sini' (depan dahi dan matamu)"
"Place your dreams 5 cm in 'here' (in front of your eyes and brow)"

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